The Municipality of Marmora and Lake is conveniently located in between Toronto and Ottawa on Highway #7. The closest cities are Belleville and Peterborough, making the number of amenities within a 45-minute radius ample. The Crowe River runs through the town, and Crowe Lake is one of the most desired lakes in the area, for its size, cleanliness, and accessibility. There are many reasons you could love the Village of Marmora, not the least of which is the affordable real estate.

What you'll find locally

The town of Marmora is home to many businesses and services. Forsyth Street, considered the main drag, hosts some great shops, restaurants, and services. You will also find the Marmora Historical Foundation and Public Library.  Highway #7 is another thoroughfare connecting businesses, parks, and trails. You do not have to leave to town to get what you need day to day, for your business or your home.


  1. Legion Park: Baseball field, tennis courts, and beach.
    At the corner of Cameron Street and Matthew Street
  2. Off Leash Dog Park: Fenced in area for dogs to play and socialize
    At the corner of Cameron Street and Matthew Street (Behind Legion Park)
  3. Memorial Park: Trails, Picnic Area, Tourist Information Centre, and Splash Pad
    9 Matthew Street (Highway #7 is called Matthew Street through town)
  4. Booster Park: Click Here for Brochure – Public swimming and beach, boat launch, plus camping available from Victoria day to Thanksgiving.
    199 Booster Park Road


  1. Brian Goodchild Memorial Trail: This paved trail runs beside Crowe River connecting Memorial Park and the public boat launch on the north side of the Dam. 

  2. The Marmora Mine Trail: This is a multi use trail is accessible via Mary Street or Highway #7. The trail connects to the Hastings Heritage Trailand is also part of the Eastern Ontario Trails Association (EOTA).

  3. The Marmora Crowe River Trail: This multi use trail is accessible via Highway #7 and McLeary Road. The trail connects to the Trans Canada Trail System and is also part of the Eastern Ontario Trails Association.

  4. Nayler’s Common: This wetland area was chosen for its many unique ecologically significant features. Although a majority of the property is swamp, it also includes fens, marshlands, bogs and forests. The three main trails in Nayler’s Common provide visitors the opportunity to observe different ecosystems and natural features. Visit us on facebook


    Some of the trails within Marmora and Lake require EOTA trail passes.  Please contact the Marmora Tourism Centre for more information

Recreational Facilities

  1. Marmora & District Community Centre (Arena) & Fairgrounds
  2. Marmora Curling Club
  3. The Marmora Legion


  1. Marmora Free Methodist Church
  2. Pentecostal Church
  3. St Paul’s Anglican Church
  4. Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church

Each church has a meeting hall that can be made available for functions

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